Soufiane’s light

A visual virtual encounter

IMG_2556 (1)
The monumental Selman Palace, Marrakech

I am in no way communitarist by promoting yet another talented Moroccan artist, it just so naturally happens that my Moroccan homologues cross my path, and we connect. Maybe Moroccans are warmly welcoming by nature? By scrolling through Soufiane’s Instagram, that I found via Samia that I introduced to you lately, sublime pictures of Morocco in its most aesthetic and modern form appeared before my eyes.

By looking closer, I noticed those Arabic palaces in Marrakech « riads » were decorated by Soufiane himself.


Soufiane masters visual arts, both on Instagram which is a prime facade for his work, and in real life as an interior designer. An empty packaging in my opinion doesn’t sell, aesthetics come with a deep understanding of context and the transcending feeling it suscitates.

Art is beyond the technique, it makes you FEEL.

That is exactly what Soufiane’s pieces convey, a feeling. In my case I was appealed by the simplicity of his design, simple in the pure way. But mostly, I was deeply touched to see a young Moroccan promoting his project with passion.

LAMBA Collection of lamps Soufiane started in 2017

From Morocco to the World

Internet is an undeniable tool to connect with the World. Pages such as Soufiane’s portray a facet of the World you might not know.

In his IG the neat tradition of artisans, the emblematic architecture, reminds you of the science the Arab culture withholds, just like the number zero was invented by arabs #ZeroToAhundred 

Morocco is an example of a country with an already revealed potential in Africa, showing that the Arab World is complex but not obscure.

A conversation with Soufiane


  1. Who or what inspires you?

What inspires me is my town, Marrakech, where I’m based, mostly the medina which is a box of inspiration and curiosity.  Since I was young, I was always interested in the Moroccan culture, and mostly the art of the artisans. Working with them and also communicating and collaborating, it’s a whole inspiration, every day is a discovery. I had to watch and learn from them, how they actually take their time and have the things done, the way that it has to be fixed.

Recently I’ve made a new collection of lighting called “LAMBA” which is a series of floor lamps, bedside and hanging light, it’s a mix between the modern design and the artisanal, where the raffia reminds the colors of the earth and the light of Marrakech.



With this project I’ve met the most adorable inspirational women of the countryside that does the raffia, the technique, the atmosphere, the teamwork, gathering all around the table while making those beautiful handmade shapes with good spirit and a joyful atmosphere.


2. You are an interior designer and scenographer, it makes you a multifaceted artist, are your two skills complementary?

Yes, I had both experiences in interior design and scenography, as I do design, I also do weddings, private parties, products launches … I do collaborate with some event planners as I am taking part in all the ephemeral decoration. And recently I started to have projects to do also the vitrine of boutiques. I like giving a value to a product in the spaces, in the decoration or even while making photography.

3. Would you share the view that your Moroccan inspired aesthetics can change the misconception that the Arab culture is an obscure one?

Even the Arab culture are deeply into the their conception, it doesn’t mean that they can allow themselves to be more open to new ideas, there’s a lot of Moroccan artists here and designers, and they are really creative. People are always curious here and they all giving a step to and allow to people to show them new things. It does take time, but it’s always an improvement.

4. You have almost 8.000 followers (me included) how does social media help your art and brand?



It does help really well, Instagram became a business for me now, this app helps me to share my collection, my work, it’s like the « word of mouth », you make a post, people see it, maybe sharing it, start talking about it,

it gives you a sort of identity and visibility to the people. Which is always interesting.

5. Your key tips for a cool apartment deco?

Cool apartment deco, I do love simple things, I do hate when people do design for the design.

I’m mostly into the modern but with little reminders of Moroccan culture, could be a curtain in linen with a little detail of embroidery, could also be a material or texture into a modern contemporarily item.

Every production or every item I made for me is that each one of them has a story.

I like mostly the mix between the old and the new, but the bohemia chic atmosphere is one of my favorite, its very simple and pure, it makes your space come alive, and mostly charming and warm.


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